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Demand Deposit

For businesses looking to receive funds from clients and to pay suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Multiple users,
multiple approvers,
and custom limits

  • Business accounts can support up to 25 users and approvers.
  • You can add up to 3 levels of approvers, so you can have up to “8-eyes” on your most important payments.
  • User and approve limits are fully customizable from $0.01 to up to $10 million.
  • We can take deposits, and make payments, in all major currencies

Funds Transfer Limits

  • Intrabank Transfers From $1 to $10,000,000 maximum
  • ACH Transfers From $1.00 to $25,000 maximum
  • Wire Transfers From $25 minimum (no maximum)
  • Authorized UsersFrom 1 to up to 25 users per account

MBI reserves the right to review, approve, hold or reject any transfer.

Save time by gathering your information in advance:

  • Business tax ID number (EIN)
  • Proof of business address (recent utility bill)
  • Proof of formation (Articles of Incorporation)
  • Your valid government ID (passport, license)
  • Your personal tax ID number (SSN)

Prohibited Business Industries & Countries

Medici Bank can provide accounts to people and businesses from over 150 countries around the world--but not some countries. Apply only if you are not a citizen of nor resident of a listed country.


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