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NOW Account

For customers looking for a simple, singular account to earn interest while still being able to spend

You don't need two accounts to spend and earn interest anymore

  • With an interest rate of 2.07%, it yields 5x better than your average savings account and at the same time lets you spend without the typical transaction limits of a savings account
  • No need to choose between checking or savings and no need to get two accounts and worry about moving money between them to maximize interest while enabling spending. Earn interest in your spending account with a NOW account from Medici Bank
  • You get access to secure online banking where you can make unlimited, instant transfers between you accounts 24/7, where you can send and receive unlimited wires (and soon ACH), and where you’ll soon be able to buy, hold, and send foreign currencies
  • Minimum initial deposit of $500 required at account opening. Maintain a minimum balance of $500 to avoid monthly fees

Save time by gathering your information in advance:

  • Your valid government ID (passport, license)
  • Your personal tax ID number (SSN)

Prohibited Business Industries & Countries

Medici Bank can provide accounts to people and businesses from over 150 countries around the world--but not some countries. Apply only if you are not a citizen of nor resident of a listed country.


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