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Designed to empower customers to safeguard their funds without banks leveraging them


Designed for financial service businesses looking to receive, hold, and send money for the benefit of (FBO) their clients. The account holder legally owns the account and the funds while the account holder’s client is the beneficial owner of the funds. Pool funds can be held in a FDIC insured account (up to $2.75M) and/or invested for yield as instructed by the account holder*

Funds held in fiduciary trust by the Medici Custody Trust are never used for loans or investments for the benefit of the bank. All assets are 100% reserved for the benefit of the client beneficiary and can even be invested for the client’s benefit. Medici Custody Trust offers both FBO and Escrow accounts.

Secure Your Hard-Earned Money, and Leverage it Your Way!

  • Designed for individuals looking to hold and invest their own money. Useful when amounts are significant, and the client seeks a return without active trading
  • Funds can be invested at client direction in thousands of financial instruments from hundreds of institutions in markets around the world, including FDIC insured accounts up to $2.75M*
* Medici Bank is neither a broker nor a financial advisor and does not provide any advice regarding financial investments.


Escrow is for principals that need to transfer funds between multiple parties with the help of an unbiased intermediary. The Escrow account holder both legally and beneficially owns the funds in the account and then ownership of the account, along with its assets, transfers to the designated beneficiary upon satisfaction of mutually agreed conditions of disbursement, which is determined by the Trust Officer. Often, on a large or repeating two-party transaction, the seller and buyer will each open their own Trust account and the Escrow will used to transfer funds from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. Funds are typically held in an FDIC insured account or, for very large amounts, directly in Treasuries.

Save time by gathering your information in advance:

  • Your valid government ID (passport, license)
  • Your personal tax ID number (SSN)

Prohibited Business Industries & Countries

Medici Bank can provide accounts to people and businesses from over 150 countries around the world--but not some countries. Apply only if you are not a citizen of nor resident of a listed country.


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